Wow. I ran eleven miles on Sunday as part of my training plan for the upcoming half-marathon. First time running in cooler weather (temp was 42 degrees F at the start) and ran with one of my pals from my running group. Here we are, all bundled up and happy at 5:30 am – before running.


The last mile was a real struggle. My chronic problem with plantar fasciitis in my left foot flared up big time. I worried constantly about seriously injuring my foot just weeks before the Half-Marathon. I walked more than I wanted to in the last mile, but I finished. I’ve never been so happy to see my car in the parking lot!

Recently, I attended a seminar for women runners. The two speakers were women physicians who were also runners. In their discussion, they strongly recommended the benefits of stretching AFTER your run. I took this advice to heart and spent 15 minutes stretching my hamstrings and legs when I got back to my car. I also took an ice bath when I got home.

Now that I’ve tried stretching after the run, I have to say that I am a fan! When I ran 10 miles last week, I was incredibly sore for two days following. Today, I’m not sore at all – and I don’t want to take a rest day. I’m forcing myself to do that, though. Tomorrow morning, the hill awaits my attack!

Lessons Learned From This Run:

  • Remember – charge your Garmin before you go on a long run. Mine died after 5 miles. Very distracted by not having good data!
  • Spend significant time stretching AFTER a long run to avoid soreness later.
  • On cold mornings (for us in Texas, I’m talking 40 degrees F) spend extra time stretching before the run because you are more prone to injury when the temps are cooler.
  • My plantar fascia will require lots of regular stretching to keep it in good shape for the upcoming Half-Marathon. Only 43 days left now!